Pre-Submission Review

This project will aim to facilitate publication of scientific manuscripts regarding public health in Iran by providing a scientific critique before submission of the manuscript to a journal. SAPHIR fellows will volunteer as ad-hoc reviewers and will provide their area(s) of expertise to the authors. We will ask the first or senior authors to contact the reviewer directly. The authors will acknowledge both SAPHIR and the fellow reviewer in the final paper. If the comments of the reviewer led to substantial changes in the design, analysis and major revision of the paper, then the reviewer de-facto becomes a co-author. There will be no fee for this service.

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Scientific Webinars
Starting in May 2012, we have started conducting monthly scientific webinars that will focus on public health issues in Iran. Each webinar will start with a scientific presentation by a scholar. The scholar can be a SAPHIR member or a guest speaker. Please check again for a list of our future speakers and the selected topics. These webinars will be open and free to all invitees.
If you are not (yet) a member and would like to join a webinar, or you would like to present at a webinar, please contact our webinar team at

Public Health Researchers’ Database

A considerable number of Iranian public health scientists or physicians across the world actively practice or conduct academic work related to public health in Iran.  There are also a large number of non-Iranian scientists who have an interest in public health issues of Iran.  The work of these scientists covers a wide range of areas, including epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy, nutrition, health economics, etc.  However, these scientists or practitioners don’t necessarily aware of each others’ research. This database will provide a medium for these individuals to know more about each other, and ultimately initiate mutual collaborations.

SAPHIR will create, manage and regularly update a database of information about public health scientists. Individuals who are interested can enter their information into the database.  Records will be randomly checked by two SAPHIR members for obvious and factual errors that will be corrected.  The database will be available to the public through this webpage and users can send queries to search the database. Anyone can enter new records in the database online.

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“Invited Commentaries” (IC) is an innovative attempt by SAPHIR to gather invaluable information on current and prospective public health important problems in Iran and discuss them with experts. It is a model of documenting less discussed/documented but salient health challenges of the nation.  One example of those is how to bend the healthcare cost curve in Iran. Another example can be finding efficient ways to effectively control risk factors of cardiovascular disease. The problems can be discussed from a special angle or from multiple points of view. A typical IC is an around-1000-word piece of writing comprising three sections: a root and two comments. A so-called Root Thread Writer (RTW) initiates the statement of the problem in the root and invites the first commentator for comments.  The information provided by the authors are evidence based and citations are necessary. However, the level of evidence is not restricted to published articles in peer-reviewed journals. For example, they can be gray literature, lectures, and official reports and news. The RTW and the commentator select a second commentator for the final feedback.  The three pieces are put together and get polished for online publication on SAPHIR’s website.  They are to be in the public domain so that everyone can add his/her opinion under the discussed topics. The RTW authorizes the public comments to appear on the web.  To improve the quality of this work you can contact Saeid Shahraz at

We are excited to provide the first set of these commentaries on our website.


Together for a Healthy Tomorrow

SAPHIR, the Scientific Association for Public Health in Iran, is a professional organization with a mission to “create a global network to generate and disseminate public health knowledge regarding Iran”. SAPHIR strives to improve public health in Iran and elsewhere by generating and disseminating scientific evidence regarding major public health issues. Our present and planned projects include among others, conducting scientific and policy reviews on important topics of public health, designing and implementing scientific workshops, conducting pre-submission reviews, holding regular scientific webinars and creating a database of information on public health scientists interested in issues regarding Iran.  Our values are health as a human right, research and professional integrity, transparency, collaboration and partnership.