The Database

Public Health Researchers’ Database

A considerable number of Iranian public health scientists or physicians across the world actively practice or conduct academic work related to public health in Iran.  There are also a large number of non-Iranian scientists who have an interest in public health issues of Iran.  The work of these scientists covers a wide range of areas, including epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy, nutrition, health economics, etc.  However, these scientists or practitioners don’t necessarily aware of each others’ research. This database will provide a medium for these individuals to know more about each other, and ultimately initiate mutual collaborations.

SAPHIR will create, manage and regularly update a database of information about public health scientists. Individuals who are interested can enter their information into the database.  Records will be randomly checked by two SAPHIR members for obvious and factual errors that will be corrected.  The database will be available to the public through this webpage and users can send queries to search the database. Anyone can enter new records in the database online.

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